Cymatics License Agreement

intellectual property. Cymatic Audio and its suppliers own all intellectual property rights to the software. The software is licensed, not sold. You will not install, copy or use the software in a way that is not expressly authorized above. All rights that are not expressly granted under this agreement are reserved for Cymatic and its suppliers. General provisions. Your rights to use the Software are applicable immediately if you do not comply with a provision of this Agreement. If a provision of this contract is found to be unenforceable, only that provision, interpreted in the narrowest possible manner, is declared unenforceable and the rest of that agreement remains valid and applicable on its terms. Section 8 also applies after the termination of this contract. This agreement does not affect the legal rights of a party acting as a consumer. This contract can only be amended by a policy signed by a licensed Cymatic Audio staff member.

This agreement is the whole agreement between you and Cymatic Audio regarding the software and replaces all prior insurance, discussions, companies, communications or advertisements regarding the software. Software license. If you have received the software from Cymatic or one of its authorized licensees, you can use the Software for the purposes described in the documentation and as described below, as long as you comply with the terms of this Agreement. 2.1 There is no binding agreement between the customer and CYMATIC until the customer`s order is accepted and confirmed by CYMATIC in accordance with these conditions. You have it 100% free of license according to the cymatics license agreement, but you can`t distribute the sample in your packages like yours. If you`re planning commercial publication, do the melodic samples to optimize a little. Cymatic Audio sites and software. The software makes it easy to download Cymatic Audio software from websites and services managed by Cymatic Audio or its affiliates („Cymatic Audio Sites”). Your use of Audio Cymatic sites is subject to the Cymatic Audio Privacy Policy and Cymatic Audio`s Terms of Use, which are included in the terms of this Agreement.

Your use of the other Cymatic audio software is subject to the end-user license agreement applicable to this software. No distribution or transmission. You cannot distribute, rent, rent, sublicensing, transfer or transfer your rights to the software, or allow you to copy it on another user`s computer, unless that agreement expressly allows it. They do not provide the software for use on a hosted server, service office or similar basis, on the Internet or in any other way. You can permanently transfer all your rights to use the Software to another person or corporation, provided that a) you do not keep copies and (b) that the receiving party accepts the terms of this Agreement and all other Terms under which you duly authorized the Software. Third-party materials. The use of certain third-party materials may be subject to conditions that are generally included in a separate licensing agreement, terms of use or readable files in the vicinity of these materials.