German Canadian Pension Agreement

The pension plan has a lot of complicated details; Credits to determine the amount of pensions, pre-retirement provisions, increased pension benefits for retention in the workplace beyond age 65, etc. The best way to find the right plan for you is to consult a financial advisor. Contributions to the plan are also expected to increase to about 20% by 2025. No minimum or maximum amount is paid. The total amount of pension for which a person is eligible is calculated based on the number of years of contributions to the national pension plan, age and average income. Information about the German public pension system can be found in English at For a future pension or for the repayment of contributions, all pension periods must be entered into the pension account. This process is called „account air conditioning” and can be performed at any time for any period of time. The account extract may also be repeated if it is later found that the corresponding rest periods for the pension are absent or that proof of such a period is only possible later. Germany`s pension programme consists of pension insurance, supplementary insurance for steel workers and old-age insurance of the company. The efficiency conditions for each system are the same. (a) (a) (a) In order to determine the right to an old-age pension or an allowance under the Old Age Pension Act by the application of Article 12, a validity period under the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany or a stay in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany depending on the age at which periods of residence in Canada are to be deducted for the purposes of this Act , is considered the length of stay in Canada. (b) royalties for the use or right to use computer software or patents, or for information on commercial, commercial or scientific experience (excluding royalties granted in connection with a lease or franchise agreement).

If the pensioner dies, the survivor may be entitled to a widow`s pension or a contribution allowance.