Manufacturing Agreement Law Insider

Keytone has signed a production and supply agreement with a New Zealand retailer for the current supply of powdered milk The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew („Kew”) is committed to the letter and spirit of the Convention on Biological Diversity („CBD”) and expects its partners to act in a manner consistent with CBD. This agreement aims to promote scientific research and exchanges, while recognizing the conditions under which Kew acquired the plant or fungal material and the important role played by ex situ collections in the implementation of cbD. Kew reserves the right not to provide plant or fungal materials if such delivery is contrary to the conditions attached to the equipment and/or CBD. CONSIDERING that, subject to the terms of this agreement, Napo wishes to produce and supply Glenmark to Napo and its Crofelemer Final affiliates (as defined below) for further marketing of Napo`s FDA-approved product, Mytesi® and any other crofelemer-based product manufactured by NAPO or its related companies or by third parties, such as LA NAPO for human and/or veterinary consumption, and Napo approached Glenmark to treat and meet Napo`s needs for the Crofelemer final; pipfruit grown in New Zealand by the supplier during the duration of this agreement on or from this agreement is undertaken by T-G Pipfruit. Pipfruit and the supplier agree that all existing agreements between them regarding the sale and purchase of Pipfruit for the seasons under this agreement will terminate for the parties entering into this contract, without prejudice to the outstanding commitments of one of the parties to the other party under such an existing agreement. – the contracting parties wish to conclude an agreement on the supply of products on the following terms. The overall agreement consists of this „LH Standard Supply Agreement” in conjunction with the effective agreement/order between Libbey Holland and the supplier. If there is a difference between the two documents, the actual agreement/command is always the leader. FLYHT and SNC entered into a licensing and production agreement (hereafter the L-M agreement) and a value-added under-sales agreement („VAR agreement”) and, for the implementation of these agreements, SNC withdrew invoices totalling $1,950,957.

The purpose of this agreement is to provide conditions under which the seller (i) sells to the buyer and buyer of the purchases of test discs and auditors, as indicated in Exhibits A (hereafter, these test discs and examiners are collectively or individually referred to as „test tool”) and (ii) the seller issues the buyer a license as part of his intellectual property rights for the use of the test tool.