National Fuel Payment Agreement

If you receive a payment from a country covered by the EC Regulation or a bilateral social security agreement with Ireland, for example. B Northern Ireland, you can benefit from a fuel premium if you meet the conditions and are you following: if the supplier charges the gas, National Fuel will continue to offer the direct payment plan for our account share. Check with your provider before signing a contract to find out if they offer an automatic payment service. If you choose a gas supplier other than National Fuel and you cannot pay your final tally by National Fuel, call us to arrange a payment plan. Manage your online account safely and comfortably. Pay your gas bill, install automatic payments, check billing and payment history, sign up for budget billing, and even submit meter statements. Online Resources is a provider that allows National Fuel customers to pay by phone and accepts credit and debit card payments. There is a fee for this service. To make a payment with your Discover, MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card, households in Ireland that are unable to meet their own heating needs are available in Ireland. A one-time payment on your gas bill can be quick and simple.

You need your account number, zip code, current invoice and financial information. If National Fuel is unable to resolve your payment problems, we will find community services that can help. Customers can choose whether their gas should be delivered by a supplier or distributor rather than a domestic fuel. Your supplier is responsible for the supply of the gas that National Fuel will supply. The supplier adds the gas you purchased to the national fuel system to deliver to your home. Customers who choose a supplier or distributor pay that supplier for the gas made available. We continue to deliver gas to your home and are responsible for the service, and we continue to receive payment for delivery costs. What if I don`t respect my agreement with the supplier? It depends on how your supplier charges you. If National Fuel issues the entire invoice, you can stay on the direct payment plan. A fuel allowance is a payment under the National Fuel Scheme to help heat your home. It is paid to people who depend on long-term social benefits or health care directorate (HSE) payments and who are unable to meet their own heating needs. An additional security measure for an uninterrupted gas service will be made available to enable timely payment upon arrival at the time of revenue control and the prevention of deferred payment fees.

Their energy assistance will continue to be provided directly to National Fuel. They sign a contractual agreement and must comply with the conditions. Be sure to read the entire contract carefully to understand your rights, change suppliers or terminate in reasonable circumstances. Also note that any cancellation fees are incurred. Suppliers can terminate the non-payment contract and stop gas delivery. In this case, National Fuel becomes your gas supplier. They are then subject to the normal national fuel payment requirements. If you have any questions, ask for answers in writing before signing a contract with a supplier.