Plant Hire Agreement Contract

Agreed and/or on behalf of the tenant, subject to the general conditions of the rent, indicate what conditions the tenant has recognized, received and read and which guarantees that the undersigned has the power to terminate the contract on behalf of the tenant. We are pleased to provide the installation and/or other supporting documentation described below (`The Plant`) for lease and to confirm that this lease is subject to the following conditions and beyond. This lease contains the whole and unique agreement between us and to the extent that you order or offer to rent under contract terms, these conditions are considered to be renunciation by you. RENTAL CONDITIONS (GENERALS WERK) 1. ACCORD The landlord, taking into account the payment or an obligation of the tenant to pay the amount of rental costs calculated in the form of the rents mentioned above, rented to the tenant and tenants of the rents, the placement described above. The tenancy conditions set out in this document presuppose any other condition that might be included in the tenant`s offer to rent or apply for and submit that contract, which constitutes a termination of these previous conditions. This agreement covers the entire agreement between the owner and the tenant and sets out all other agreements, conditions or conditions that must relate to the rental of the plant, and complementary oral agreements are expressly excluded. No conditions, conditions or assurances that are not expressed here are not binding on the tenant`s landlord and no changes are binding on any of the parties unless they are written and agreed by the landlord and tenant. These conditions and the rent conditions, have been explained to me and I understand the content of that. 2. ANNEXES AND ACCESSORIES 2.1.

Unless otherwise of the context, the word installation is considered a source of electricity and includes all accessories delivered with the installation at the beginning of the planned rental period or at any time by the owner to the tenant. 2.2. Accessories for or for installation are leased independently of the installation, and the failure of an accessory is not considered an installation failure and does not affect the rental rate of the installation shown above.