Zolo Agreement

The rental period with builders is usually between three and nine years, and with customers, the contract is 11 months. It takes one month of guarantee as part of the lease. It offers six amenities – food, housekeeping, DTH, WiFi, concierge, repairs and maintenance. The food offered by the company is a mix of south and northern India, with a slight regional variation. In addition to these more obvious concerns, ask your landlord if they have any other rules to follow when occupying the property. If so, be sure to document them as accurately as possible to minimize the likelihood of future disagreements. Role Overview: We are looking for a dynamic legal expert who, together with our legal team, also has an influence on the work process. The Senior Executive, Legal, will work with executives, the expanded legal function and specialized practice groups, the company`s business functions and external advisors to manage all transactions and provide strategic advice on day-to-day matters. About Zolostays: Valued at over $100 million, we are India`s fastest-growing tech startup in co-living and student housing.

With the aim of providing professionals and students with a stress-free long-term living experience, our living spaces offer all kinds of basic and luxurious residential amenities. Our largest USP for a resident comes from a vibrant resident community, omnichannel platform, and world-class service – all made possible by technology. We started in 2015 and are currently present in 10 cities – and have served 1 lake + happy residents to date. Learn more about us here – yourstory.com/2019/01/zolostays-raises-funding-30-mAbout role and responsibilities:1. Provide and assist with various legal supports, including reviewing agreements and other documents, dealing with other corporate matters such as service contracts, assisting with business negotiations, conducting legal negotiations and municipal coordination General Manager for all legal matters.2. Assistance in legal advice to the regional business team on a daily basis, from other departments; up-to-date on current legal and regulatory issues related to co-living spaces; Monitoring of all legal/statutory approvals, permits and licenses at all Zolo.3 branches. Coordination with the Chief Legal Officer in important legal matters and effective coordination of the management of the legal function within the team.4. Examination of all legal issues, disputes, ongoing litigation; interpret legal notices and information and, if necessary, provide advice and contact external lawyers.5. Assist the Chief Legal Officer in legal functions, including the drafting of leases and service contracts for the whole of India.6.

Establish internal governance policies, identify risks, and provide proactive solutions to mitigate operational risks.7. Demonstrable experience in dealing with matters related to commercial and corporate laws/matters, e.B. Property Due Diligence, Transfer of Property Act, Indian Registration Act, Stamp Act, Information Technology Act, Indian Contract Act, Electricity Act, Companies Act, Municipal Corporation Statutes, etc. 8. Contract management, monitoring compliance and contract administration, maintaining desired experience and background: 1. 6+ years of experience preferably in the service industry or who has worked in a law firm (at least Level 2).2. Maintains the highest level of personal experience and professional integrity and ethics.3. . .