The University of Bors has so-called transformation agreements with publishers that allow researchers to publish open access in selected journals. The transformation agreements in Sweden are negotiated through the National Library through a consortium called Bibsam, which explicitly aims to promote the national development of open access. The agreements to which the University of Bors has partnered mean that publishers pay an annual fee to reduce or eliminate publication fees (article processing fees or open access fees) when researchers decide to publish open access in some or all of their magazines. The National Library keeps a list of all of Bibsam`s current agreements here. The university library pays all publication costs, i.e. the publication is free for the author. The library will then receive a discount on next year`s publication fees. The current agreement expires at the end of 2020. The other agreement concerns publications in Springer Nature magazines that are fully open.

Included are: BMC, Nature Research, Palgrave and SpringerOpen. The lists on this page contain more information about participating institutions and authorized periodicals. Some Bibsam agreements contain open access conditions that bring benefits to participants. Please note that all authors must take the steps to sign the SAGE Journal Contributor`s acceptance publication agreement as usual. SAGE still needs this agreement for your item to be produced at SAGE. Through the SAGE Open Access portal, you will automatically receive a Contribution agreement to Open Access (SAGE Choice) that will replace the previously signed agreement. If the author works at the University of Bors or any of the other institutions that are part of the Bibsam agreement, there is no APC fee for publication in ACS 60 magazines. The three-year contract begins in February 2020. Bibsam Consortium is a consortium involving 85 higher education and research institutions in Sweden to negotiate licensing agreements for electronic information resources. [1] [2] The consortium is led by the Swedish National Library, which negotiates and manages licensing agreements for electronic resource packages. Participating institutions sign a power of attorney that allows the National Librarian to sign contracts with electronic resource providers.

This agreement applies to items filed after January 1, 2020. The cost of the printbook, e.g.B color and page charges, is not covered by the agreement. Since 1996, the Swedish National Library has been negotiating licensing agreements for electronic information resources on behalf of universities, higher education institutions, government agencies and research institutes. Read a press release on the agreement on the ACS website.