Transfer Tip: Find out what the magic GPA number is for the institutions you want to transfer to and work from the first semester in your current school on this GPA. Talk to your transfer and academic advisors about the type of Degree Associate that will be most useful to you, as well as your future plans. Ready to launch your hunt for the perfect transfer school? Try the CollegeXpress search tool! Agreements marked by a „ are guaranteed welcome agreements. Please note that admission to university is guaranteed and not necessarily for all of the university`s programs of study, as some programs have additional admission requirements. Indeed, articulation contracts are signed legal contracts. These documents are detailed on guaranteed admission, transfer credits, scholarships, and teaching and training requirements. Joint agreements open the lines of communication between two institutions on important issues that are important to students. As a general rule, the next step for transfer students is to know with which institutions your Community College has articulation agreements. However, most articulation chords are not available to allow you to read at any time. I recommend that you go to a community college transfer office advisor, as they should be governed by articulation agreements. Your transfer counsellor can also partner you with admission professionals at four-year institutions where you want to spend. On the other hand, transfer agreements simplify the complexity of the course definition.

You should eliminate the conjecture work on portability. Joint agreements are designed to save students time and money, an important advantage in dealing with the rising cost of higher education alternatives. Articulation agreements are partnerships between institutions that can help ensure that the courses you attend at NOVA are transferred to a university or university. The Community College of Philadelphia has developed dual-admission transfer partnerships with area colleges and universities. These partnerships are designed to help students move seamlessly to these high school institutions after graduation. Financial support and incentives, including scholarship opportunities, are integrated to give you the best chance of success.