Dave, yes, they can be. But it really depends on the specific funding possibility – which is the main purpose of the grant. As long as the grant achieves this goal, funding can support all or part of a 508-compliant website. For other questions, we advise you to contact the grant funding agency or the cooperation agreement concerned, as we are not in a position to provide binding answers to this question. A cooperation agreement can be a highly specialized research award, in which federal employees are among the relatively few experts in this field. In this case, the award can be defined as a „cooperation agreement,” since federal officials and non-federal recipients will conduct the joint research in one way or another. The cooperation agreement is mainly aimed at financing public projects for which a confederation department is an active partner. An example would be a cooperation agreement between the Centers for Disease Control and various governmental and local organizations that promote disaster preparedness. (1 MB) Infographic: What is a cooperation agreement? I`ll remember that. The element of essential participation that is authorized for any cooperation agreement is described in the act of attribution. AO can delegate responsibility for essential participation elements to AOR. The cooperation agreement means a legal instrument of financial support between a federal grant agency or a transit unit and a non-federal unit that, in accordance with 31 United States. C 6302-6305: If you are interested in more detailed information on grants and cooperation agreements, here are a few other resources: on Grants.gov, we of course have public subsidies, but you will also find many „cooperation agreements” if you are looking for financing.

This is because cooperation agreements and subsidies are very similar, but with a big difference. A cooperation agreement is a form of support. This reflects a relationship between the U.S. government and a beneficiary. Cooperation agreements are used when the government`s objective is to assist the intermediary in providing goods or services to the authorized recipient, rather than acquiring the services of an intermediary who, ultimately, can be delivered to an approved recipient. [Trauma Serv. Group v. United States, 33 Fed. Cl. 426 (Fed.

Cl. 1995)] Both cooperation agreements and grants „transfer value from the federal allocation agency or unit of passage to the non-federal agency to fulfill a public purpose.” The main difference between a grant and a cooperation agreement is that, in the case of a grant, there is not much substantial interaction between the federal government and the recipient. In a cooperation agreement, the federal government is crucially associated with the declared agreement. The main difference between a purchase contract and a cooperation contract is that a cooperation contract allocates money to another agency to fulfill a public purpose with the participation of the federal state. In a purchase agreement, the federal government buys a product or service from another company. (1) a research and development cooperation agreement within the meaning of 15 STATES. C 3710a; Or here is a cooperation agreement from the Department of the Interior`s Geological Survey (USGS). This is a cooperative funding opportunity for research and technical assistance, which is provided in the form of a cooperation agreement and not a grant. The laureate will work closely with USGS staff and researchers to improve scientific computing and visualization capabilities through the search for new large-scale computer tools, methods and data management techniques.