Exercise your right to withdraw: To exercise the right to withdraw in accordance with this section, you can either use the option in the „My Account” section of your profile, or you must inform our customer support team by email (in the case of support@deliveroo.com.au) of your decision to terminate your Deliveroo Plus subscription with a clear statement. According to former driver Diego Franco, Deliveroo terminated his contract in April due to slow deliveries, but did not give details on when and where the problem appeared. All personal data provided by a customer in connection with the use of a voucher. B Purchase are processed in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be accessed here, deliveroo.com.au/privacy These conditions apply to your access and use of the Table Service to www.deliveroo.co.uk (if you are in the UK) or www.deliveroo.ie (if you are in Ireland) and to our mobile application (the platform). Table service is provided by Deliveroo or us (Roofoods Ltd 08167130 if you are in the UK or Deliveroo Ireland Limited Business Number 556923 if you are in Ireland). Whereas in the past they have not traveled „more than 2 kilometers” for deliveries, runners say they now have to pedal up to 10 kilometers or more (back and forth) everywhere. The online platform Deliveroo, which connects customers to independent restaurants via an ordering and payment system, first employed its drivers on fixed-term contracts. However, at the end of 2017, Deliveroo changed its system to classify its workers as self-employed (contracting) drivers. In February 2018, Deliveroo decided not to renew existing fixed-term employment contracts with drivers. From that date on, the committed contractors carried out their work on the basis of a „partnership agreement”. The FNV objected to the new system and initiated legal proceedings in which it was stated that the relationship between Deliveroo and its drivers should continue to be characterized as an employment contract. Deliveroo`s privacy policy on deliveroo.com.au/privacy explains how we collect or process personal data.

Payment for all items and deliveries can be made on our application by credit or debit card or by any other means of payment provided by Deliveroo.