This keynote webinar presents best practices for selecting an investment manager 3 (38) and explains the key steps in structuring and documenting the investment manager relationship. Our panel will examine how best to negotiate and develop investment management agreements (AMAs) and the conditions to be met when a plan invests in a bundled investment vehicle submitted to ERISA. Listen to our group of lawyers erisa 3 (38) Investment Manager and provide guidelines for selecting investment managers, negotiating and developing IMAs, and documenting the investment manager partnership from the perspective of the plan sponsor and investment manager. ERISA requires plan agents to act with caution and diligence; Violation of these obligations of attorneys subject to The Trust Plan of Personal Responsibility. Section 3 (38) of ERISA defines an investment manager to whom investment responsibility can be entrusted. A designated agent who has delegated investment decisions to an investment manager 3 (38) is not responsible or responsible for investment decisions made by investment manager 3 (38), but remains responsible for the commitment and follow-up of the investment manager 3 (38). ERISA also requires that „prohibited transactions” with „stakeholders” in the ERISA plan be avoided, unless there is an exception, such as the QPAM. Since ERISA generally defines both prohibited transactions and interested parties, all transactions are potentially prohibited, which requires an applicable exemption. However, the exceptions are nuanced and directors who appoint investment managers 3 (38) and investment manager 3 (38) who takes advantage of the exception must understand the terms of the exemption they use. Strafford`s live webinars offer a quality and practical option for continuing professional and continuing education. We have served the legal and accounting community for more than 30 years.

This 90-minute webinar is suitable for 1.5 CLE credits in most states. See CLE State Map >> recording of a 90-minute HAUT-PREMIUM webinar with Q-A, Mr. Ryan advises a large number of clients – state-owned and narrow enterprises, partnerships, public institutions, tax-exempt foundations and individual companies – on all matters relating to employee benefits. These include representation in the areas of structuring, development, operation, modification and termination of qualified and unskilled pensions, profit sharing, shareholding and staff action plans, individual pension accounts, stock option plans and group life, disability , medical reimbursement and other types of wellness plans.