Therefore, a simple interpretation of Article 1, paragraph 2, in conjunction with Article 5, provides that pre-marital and post-marital agreements between foreigners, in accordance with the parameters of Article 5, are enforceable in accordance with the existing legislation provided for in the pre-marital agreement. For UAE assets and assets outside the United Arab Emirates, the applicability of the contract is governed by the law of where these assets are located. A pre-marriage agreement has become very relevant with the increase in income and wealth of society. The couple may include clauses that would take into account a number of problems that could arise for couples, such as spising assistance, custody of children born from that marriage, inheritance rights of children from previous marriages, property and property management, both furniture and real estate, etc. Such agreements thus guarantee a smooth and easy separation. Prenuption agreements are not valid in the United Arab Emirates. You can enter into a post-uptial contract at any time after your wedding. This agreement sets out the terms of the financial agreement between the parties. Another example is that marital agreements may apply in Australia; However, it is important to ensure that an agreement reached outside Australia complies with the provisions of the Australian Family Legislation Act, otherwise applicability could be a problem in Australia.

Some countries have different requirements – including registering a matrimonial agreement with the relevant authorities – and this makes it even more important to have legal advice when you are considering entering into such an agreement. In the case of divorce proceedings in the United Arab Emirates, the Personal Status Act applies and the status of the pre-marriage agreement is the one that would apply and apply to UAE nationals. But in the if the pre-marriage agreement is implemented after the conclusion of the divorce concluded outside the United Arab Emirates, the agreement would be considered the application of a contract subject to the Federal Law of the United Arab Emirates of 1985 with respect to the law of civil transactions. My partner and I want to enter into a marriage contract between us, which separates our real estate and provides that each person is faced with his own debts. Will this be valid in the United Arab Emirates? Today, marriage contracts can serve as conditions for their rights, especially on real estate. However, in the PRENupential agreement OF THE UAE in another jurisdiction is not likely to impose by the courts of the United Arab Emirates, especially with regard to children. It is invalidated or invalidated in all respects if it is in conflict with Sharia, public order or morality in the United Arab Emirates (Article 27 of civil procedural law). All treaty conditions that conflict with the morals of the United Arab Emirates would be null and forth under Article 3, civil procedure. Marriage contracts do not have a standard format and can be cut according to their needs.