The airline says it will postpone to Nov. 28 the date when pilots were to be fired in order to give them the opportunity to ratify the deal. „While this agreement is still subject to authorization. We are confident that this can help Delta to be better positioned thanks to the long and turbulent recovery of the Covid 19 pandemic,” he adds. This agreement reduces the number of hours pilots fly each month and effectively allocates fewer hours among the pilot population. More junior drivers give up more hours than those who are higher on the senior list and older drivers would be entitled to another early exit program. ATLANTA, 11 years old. August 2008 – Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) today confirmed that pilots from Delta and northwest Airlines have voted to approve a joint contract whose terms will apply to both groups of pilots following the completion of the Delta-Northwest merger, scheduled for the end of this year. With programs and products specifically tailored to your needs as a pilot, ALPA is in the best position to take care of you and your family. Laughter now says the deal „contains several quality of life improvements and allows Delta to make savings it desperately needs,” without going into details. „Over the past three years, our union has been working to prepare for these negotiations and we are working to immediately reach a cooperation agreement with Southwest Airlines,” capt said.

Casey Murray, Chair of the SWAPA Negotiating Committee. „We have communicated extensively with our members and, based on their feedback, SWAPA has proposed a completely rewritten agreement that modernizes and simplifies our current language, much of which dates back to 1994.” „We believe in our business and we want Southwest Airlines to be the most attractive airline for pilots,” Capt said. Weaks. „We hope that with our economically viable proposals, we can quickly conclude a new contract that makes Southwest Airlines competitive and adequately compensates our pilots for the important work they do to bring millions of southwest passengers to their destinations safely, day after day, year after year.” The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA), based in Dallas, Texas, is a non-profit workers` organization and the only bargaining unit for Southwest Airlines` more than 9,900 pilots. SWAPA, now in its 42nd. Year, works to offer a safe and rewarding career to Southwest pilots and their families by negotiating contracts, defending contractual rights, protecting their professional interests and actively promoting professionalism and safety. For more information about the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, see The company`s 13,000 cockpit crew members, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), are now set to vote on the interim deal that would deter 1,941 of them from losing their jobs after U.S. government aid to airlines expired earlier this month. „The approval of a joint contract covering the two pilot groups upon completion of the merger is a historic step in the creation of the world`s leading carrier and we are delighted that the pilots of both companies have chosen this important step towards the unification of the pilot group.

Today`s ratification is proof of the diligent efforts of ALPA leaders to cooperate with their delta and Northwest members. On the airline`s conference call earlier this month, CEO Ed Bastian said the airline has reached agreements with most of the working groups and is still in negotiations with the pilots` union to also avoid disruption within that working group. . . .