The purpose of the agreement, known as the gentlemen`s agreement, lies in the success of the agreement on the basis and philosophy of the implementation of that country, which are set out in the last paragraph of the Charter. This part is then better known as „Pancasila”. This is the last paragraph of the Jakarta Charter. Those who are most disappointed by this change are the Islamists. You have the feeling that the mutually agreed gentlemen`s agreement will only be thwarted in a narrow dialogue room of nine ppki members. Yet Muslims, as good citizens of the nation, still enjoy Keptusan. Spaces that allow Muslims to rehabilitate the interests of those who are best used. Constipation is the most open space. Unfortunately, the Constituent Assembly eventually had to fail because of Sukarno`s authoritarianism, which imposed the decree on July 5, 1959. Lord. Kasman Singodimedjo is a character who, in the last seconds of the ppki sessions who want the abolition of „7 (seven) words” in the Jakarta Charter, became the administrator of the cessation of dialogue between Muslim and nationalist groups (Hadikusuma, Flow of Renewal, p. 103).

Kasman`s perseverance in convincing Ki Bagus Hadikusuma to remove the seven words from the Jakarta Charter is in fact a form of confirmation of the fundamental concept of the Indonesian state, without having to formally incorporate Islamic teachings. This is the form of the „consensus” – which Kasman calls the gentlemen`s agreement – of the nation`s founders, especially Muslim groups (S.U. Bajasut & Lukman Hakiem, Nature of Mind, p. 210). [1] Iswara N Raditya, „History of Pancasila Birthday: The Role of BPUPKI and PPKI,” (retrieved July 26, 2019). If all parties agree with what happened to that nation, all parties should have ended the debate on the validity of Pancasila and the spirit of the Jakarta Charter. So far, no clause sews sukarno`s decree 50 years ago. Indeed, up to four amendments to the Constitution from 1945, from 1999 to 2002, the clause in the decree underlying the republication of the 1945 Constitution was not at issue. This shows that gentlemen`s agreements should remain in force and form the basis for the construction of this country and this nation. Meanwhile, another source, professor of the Faculty of Law (FH) Unika Semarang, Hermawan Pancasiwi, there are many names for Pancasila, such as the basis of the state, opinions and way of life, cultural setting and others.

But Pancasila`s name is actually still confusing because it is formulated where it is not yet clear, especially in the opening, or the torso of the 1945 Constitution is not mentioned. . . .